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Recently Launched Vehicles

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Mobile Innovation Lab

We partnered with PerkinElmer to design and build their Mobile Innovation Lab. The vehicle was created for potential end users to get a hands on experience with the latest safety & quality testing solutions that are onboard the PerkinElmer Mobile Innovation Lab.

The PerkinElmer Mobile Innovation Lab is a convenient and safe way for individuals to visit with the PerkinElmer team and see many new products.

The Mobile Innovation Lab will be traveling throughout the US until February 2022.


Mobile Clinics

In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic we engaged with UNCP to help solve and close the health disparities in rural and underserved communities across southeast North Carolina. Specifically, in regard to Covid-19 testing and vaccinations. To meet the need, the university will deploy special mobile health units designed and built by SPEVCO to take vaccinations directly to where they are needed most in the community.

“Vaccinating our community against COVID is a critical way we can protect each other, and UNC Pembroke is proud to take part in these important efforts,” said UNCP Chancellor Robin Gary Cummings. “Barriers to access exist in our communities and the goal with our mobile clinics is to remove obstacles and making sure the vaccine is available to everyone.

While vaccination efforts have been running smoothly throughout the county, there remain portions of the population for whom access is a challenge.  

“The faster we can distribute these vaccines, the faster we can get North Carolinians back to work, back to family gatherings, back to normal life,” said UNC System President Peter Hans. “Our public universities will do everything in their power to bring that day closer.”


Guilford Works

NCWorks Mobile Career Center

We were honored to team up with Guilford Works to design and build a one-of-a-kind mobile career center. This mobile classroom will allow GuilfordWorks, NCWorks Career Center Staff, and other partner agencies to provide services to those in their community who currently have limited access to the two brick-and-mortar NCWorks Career Centers or to Wi-Fi.

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